Accreditation procedure



Get an Access - If your institution is not a member of IODS

If you wish to benefit from IODS' offer, your institution needs to submit an order form to become a member.

Your institution will also need to provide us with a list of its permanent researchers who will then receive a personalised login.


Get an Access - If your institution is already a member of IODS

If your institution subscribes to IODS and you wish to be added to the list of permanent researchers, you can submit a subscription request or contact us and we will provide you with the person in charge in your institution.

Your Rights

You usually have access to all databases and services included in the basic membership. However, some databases are only available to academics, on data providers' demand.

Depending on the subscription type of your institution, access to some other databases is available per upgrade. Please contact us to find out the type of membership your institution has subscribed to.

Your Obligations

The respect of IODS terms of use. Users from academic institutions, in particular, pledge themselves to use the databases with an exclusive access to academics for research/scientific purposes and non-profitable purposes only. Any direct or indirect commercial use of these data is forbidden. By no means, user name and password can be shared or communicated to third persons, even within the same institution. With regard to published papers and other publications, we require you mention the data used in the research were acquired via IODS. We also require to be informed about any of these publications.